How to Make Your Own Hippie Bedroom

Aug 19th

Hippie bedroom, how to make one? The question may have haunted your for a long time and you still are having no idea on how to make one finally. The hippie style may be pretty difficult to realize without even looking too much. Yet, it all will be just easy as long as you gain more passion and fashion sense. Our main purpose here is to make a hippy-themed bedroom without leaving the concept of enjoyable creativity and the comfort itself. Knowing that you can do anything to decorate your bedroom, you have to not forgetting your own coziness aspect.

hippie bedroom ideas
hippie bedroom ideas

Hippie Bedroom: The Bed as the Focal Point

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There are actually particular bedroom stuffs that have to be cleverly arranged, so that you can easily build up your own hippie one. The most important item to set is your bed itself; you can try having a spring-less bed for the starter. To create your own hippie room, with calm space and peace ease, you can try combining the colorful rainbow blanket with soft cream bedding. Just in case you want to keep everything simpler, mixing turquoise or indigo blanket with navy and white bedding with Aztec prints is hippie enough.

Hippie-styled Bedroom: Beside the Bed

You can set a unique dresser as the other stuffs beside the bed that is going to show people your own hipster personality. Store your belongings there, like your pile of books, crystals and clothes. It can be made from wooden since the unity of the wooden and your crystals are just creating a specific beautiful and joyful hippie life in a single bedroom. Hang your favorite painting on the wall with a curvy frame. The glass pane windows, tied-in-knots curtains, chiseled floor, and prayer beads on the door handles are couples of hippy perfection.